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Creamy Pasta with Caramelized Onion and Walnut Parmesan


I created this recipe after a trip to Victoria, that landed me at the all plant-based restaurant called Be Love. I actually didn’t order their vegan gluten-free mac n’ cheese, but my friend did and I ended up wanting to devour her whole meal! Ever since I’ve been back home I’ve been craving those flavours. Thus, this recipe was born with the intention of recreating that delicious dish.


This recipe isn’t a typical cheesey mac and cheese, but more of a creamy-garlicy-coconut-cheesey flavour, if you catch my drift?! It is SO good and easy! You could easily just make this sauce + pasta if you don’t have time to make the sautéed veggies and walnut parmesan, but definitely if you have the time, make everything! It’s a perfect flavour combination. And honestly, it really doesn’t take too much time to make the whole recipe :)


I hope you enjoy this recipe and I would love to hear from you if you did in the comment section below!

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