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A curated list of all of my favourite products for plant-powered & healthy living

Virtue Tea
Virtue Tea - my favourite local artisan teas
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Virtue Tea - my favourite local artisan tea brand based out of Nelson, BC. This is who I order my matcha from exclusively - I have yet to find a better matcha around! My favourite way to use matcha is in my daily matcha lattes that I enjoy with steamed unsweetened coconut milk. 

I also love every type of organic tea I've tried from Virtue, especially, the earl grey, lavender mint, zesty rooibos and Yerba Mate. 

Not only are all the teas organic and small batch, Alex and his wife Andrea give back to the environment by using recyclable, compostable, plastic-free packaging and by donating to non-profit organizations. There is no better tea company I would rather support! 

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Local cozy apparel for relaxed living

Kootenay Time; the process in which is takes an extra hour to do anything.

It also incurs that the person who is "late" (in quotes as they are only following Kootenay Time, not late as others may say) also lives in the beautiful area surrounded by the mountains called "The Kootenays"

The "airy" nature of the residents is probably due to the gorgeous surroundings they are in habited in so they don't really care about the rest of the world; they are on Kootenay time. (Urban Dictionary) 

"Kootenay Time Apparel is a clothing brand that lives and breathes the relaxing and easy going lifestyle that thousands travel to every year to enjoy"

I'm living in these cozy sweaters from local Kootenay Time! Check out them out for yourself!

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