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Vegan Perogies


Yes our babas (my husband’s baba and my baba are besties) thought I was nuts when I said I would attempt to make Vereniki (Russian perogies) egg-free and dairy-free, but I DID IT!

I filled them with a herb potato mixture and a garden beet one. It sure was nice to eat perogies without being in a food coma after!

My family comes from a Doukhobor Russian background and I grew up eating Doukhobor food like perogies, borsch, homemade noodles, cheese crepes and so many other delicious, but also super creamy and fattening eats.

I remember one time beating the record of eating 17 perogies when I was a teen! I’m not saying I don’t ever enjoy those things now, especially when our babas gift them to us (its a labor of love making those types of homemade food), but it’s nice to have the option of being able to enjoy these yummy foods from my culture in a little more healthy way.

I posted the photo of these delicious silky stuffed pockets of deliciousness and I had such a great response for request for the recipe. I so appreciate all of your feedback and support. I love to help people in some small way, even if that means helping someone to be able to enjoy perogies again after not being able to, due to allergies or dietary restrictions!


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