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Tofu Lettuce Wraps


Tofu gets a bad rap. When people think of what vegetarians eat, tofu is often one of the first foods that come to mind and usually people don’t have the greatest things to say about it. Flavorless, texture less, bland and colour-less, are just a few of the words used to describe tofu. Not to mention, some assume tofu is the main source of protein for a vegetarian, and that can seem a little daunting for those potentially considering a more plant-based way of life. But with more and more people switching to meatless meals, fabulous vegetarian recipes are popping up all over Pinterest and the net, using diverse plant-based sources of protein like lentils, quinoa, beans, nuts and seeds, rendering tofu as a great accent to meals and not a daily essential main component. Thus, with all the great plant-based protein options out there, it is hard to get sick of tofu now-a-days, making these tofu lettuce wraps a delicious option for incorporating tofu into one of your weekly meals.

These tofu lettuce wraps are a great first way to try tofu for those who have been hesitant and even for those who eat tofu on the regular and are looking for a new way to switch up the texture, as this is one of the best recipes for tofu I have ever tried! Removing excess moisture from the tofu is an integral process to ensure the crispiest texture (see recipe) and crumbling the tofu almost creates a meaty consistency like ground chicken or turkey, ideal for those beginning to dabble in to more meat-less meals.

Lettuce wraps are perfect for gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and overall, health-conscious individuals, as you can mix up the toppings to suit your needs. This particular recipe is vegan friendly (also gluten-free, omitting the hoisin-peanut sauce) and super tasty! You will love the flavourful crispy crumbled tofu and sweet, yet savory, hoisin-peanut sauce. The butter lettuce leaves are perfect size for making the wraps as they maintain their shape when wrapped and still add a slight crunch. These tofu lettuce wraps are all around healthy and delicious meal, enjoy!


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