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Mixed Nut Granola Bars


I have had a hard time coming across the ideal granola bar recipe. I find they either tend to be too soft and sticky or end up crumbling apart in my hands. But after playing around with different combinations, I have finally developed the best granola bar recipe that is the perfect amount of chewy and crunchy.

You can tailor this recipe according to the type of nuts and seeds that you like or have around the house as long as the amount equals 2 cups. I prefer toasting my nuts and seeds with the oats and coconut in a pan to give off that lovely roasted flavor, but you can skip this step and leave everything raw if that’s what you favour.

Pureeing the dried dates is a slightly annoying, yet vital extra step in providing the best texture for the granola bars. The dates are really the “glue” that holds the bars together. I have made them without dates, just using honey and almond butter, and I find they don’t hold together as well. Once everything is incorporated together and you are ready to transfer the mixture to the pan, press firmly down using your body weight as it also aids in ensuring the bars stay intact.

I usually add in chocolate chips as my toddler will pretty much eat anything if it has chocolate chips in it, but they are definitely not essential. The honey and dates provide a pleasant level of sweetness on their own. One thing to keep in mind if adding the chocolate chips, is to let the mixture cool slightly before adding in as they can end up melting, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you want them to remain whole throughout the bar then for sure cool mixture first (mine melted slightly in this particular batch).

You will love these crunchy yet chewy granola bars as a healthy snack or as a light breakfast on the go. These are even a great option to fuel your yoga class as they are light yet full of protein. Enjoy!

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