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Mediterranean Thin Crust Pizza


I’m always looking for ways to veganize meals that traditionally contain meat or dairy. My hopes are that by showing people they won’t be missing out on their favorite comfort foods, more people will turn to meat-less meals! 

I think pizza is one of the hardest ones to convert people into eating vegan. As you may know, I am mostly vegan but I will eat dairy or eggs occasionally from time to time. Of all the things, cheese seems to be the hardest to give up for me, and I think for most! I have a hard time replacing cheese with a dairy-free version. To me, the flavour of dairy-free cheese is just not even worth it (maybe I just haven’t come across the right one – I would love recommendations!). So instead, I tend to prefer to simply omit cheese in most recipes, focusing on accentuating the other lovely ingredients. 

This Mediterranean thin crust pizza recipe is so flavorful, you won’t even be missing cheese!

Salty, juicy, crisp, satisfying, healthy – a perfect vegan pizza recipe!

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