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Mediterranean Lentil Quinoa Salad


This lentil quinoa salad is sooooo delicious. No really, there’s just something about it. Super fulfilling and hearty, yet perfectly fresh just for these warmer months! The quinoa and lentils add tons of plant-based protein to keep you full and energized, plus there’s crunch from the pepitas and cucumbers, juiciness from the cherry tomatoes, a touch of sweetness from the dried cranberries and saltiness from the olives and artichokes. Just a wickedly balanced hearty nutritious salad here, folks!

This salad was randomly created with the help of one of my clients, Charlotte (check out her site for all things personal development & high performance coaching). As I was asking her for her requests for food prep for the week, she just started listing her favourite things and hoped I could make some sort of salad out of. Alas, this delicious salad was born! Love it when things naturally just come together.

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