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Green Soba Noodle Salad 


Growing up, I learned to cook at an early age with my mom and granny. Looking back, it’s funny how I would find it super frustrating that my mom never precisely measured ingredients or even really followed exact recipes. And even though she cooked in such a way, her food ALWAYS tasted great. She trusted her sense for what spices married well together. She trusted the way she could eyeball just the right amount of ingredients to balance out the acidity and sweetness in her balsamic dressings. Because she didn’t always follow recipes, she was able to throw together random delicious dishes based on whatever ingredients were left in the back of the pantry or produce drawer in the fridge. 

Today I am thankful that my mom cooks the way she does for it has shown me how to be creative in the kitchen, how to trust my senses. So there is just a little background for you on why I end up not posting as many exact recipes as I would like, it’s because I simply make them up as I go! I encourage you to get creative in the kitchen, trust your senses, and have fun with cooking! That’s just what I did with this warm soba noodle salad! 

These soba noodles I found are made with buckwheat and spelt flour, making them gluten free and extra nutritious. They are also a great source of protein, along with the edamame beans and cashews I threw into this salad. Feel free to add in whatever veggies are your favorite. I stuck with green ones for this dish, but red peppers or purple cabbage would taste fantastic as well. 

This warm soba noodle salad ended up tasting amazing and filled me up for hours without that “heavy” feeling you may get from regular pasta noodles. And you can’t go wrong with green veggies and avocado!


Simply healthy & fulfilling – always my main goal!

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