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Sundried Tomato Carrot Quinoa


This recipe is inspired by one of my hubby’s friends, Ryan. I thought it was pretty cool when he invited us over for dinner and proceeded to cook the entire meal as vegetarian. The flavor combination is the bomb, sundried tomatoes, garlic and ginger are so delicious together. And with quinoa making for a great plant-based protein option and shredded carrots for added nutrients, this dish is fairly healthy as well!

This recipe makes a great side dish but it is also versatile enough that you can add additional ingredients to make it more of a main meal. I love adding a chickpeas and chopped spinach for a filling, healthy lunch or dinner. The flavor profile also works great with rice substituted for the quinoa. Plus, this dish holds up well as leftovers in the fridge, so definitely another good recipe to make at the beginning of the week if you are looking for easy go-to lunches for work.

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