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Cauliflower Black Bean Burgers


This hearty cauliflower and black bean burger is seriously top notch! Have you ever tried making a veggie burger before only for it to turn out super mushy and fall apart? Yeah don’t worry, this burger is not that way!

Crunchy, yet still slightly soft and juicy, this delicious burger will not disappoint. My meat-eating mom was even impressed. I love them grilled on the bbq topped with a little bbq sauce. And yes, they grill on the bbq without falling apart! (I did bbq them from frozen, which may have helped just FYI).

All deliciousness aside, these burgers contain a great amount of protein, iron and nutrients from the black beans, flax and even the cauliflower and carrots.

They are also dairy-free, gluten-free and egg free (vegan), perfect for everyone!

I’m loving mine on a lettuce “bun” instead of the old burger bun lately. We have super crunchy beautiful romaine growing in our garden that works perfectly for burgers.

A nice and light summer touch!

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